Thursday, November 1, 2018

Congratulations to our 3rd Quarter Buyers & Sellers

Congratulations to Michael and Emily Golden! The movers didn’t do such a great job getting them from TX to AZ but they do have an amazing home! Michael, Emily and the kids are now enjoying their custom Toll Brothers home in Gilbert and it is gorgeous. I loved being a part of their process from giving my opinion at the design center to providing the final “okay” for their countertops (that one was stressful!). I have really enjoyed every moment and now I will take Emily shopping for a new “purse cage.” 

Jo and Evan Bookbinder have been my boom-a-rang-rang clients!! They sold their home in Scottsdale to move to TX. They moved back to Scottsdale two years ago and bought a home just two blocks from their old one. Now they sold again to move back to TX. How long will they stay in TX? In a couple of years I will be ready for their call! Since it is always a pleasure working with the Bookbinder family, I look forward to the next time. I wish them all the best in Texas … temporarily!

Lori Lynch was referred to me by one of my brokers at Homesmart. She called and told me she wanted to buy 1 or more investment properties as her son would be going to ASU. I ignored the part about ASU and decided to work with her (Bear Down!). She now has 2 great condos in Tempe and I have hooked her up with the best property manager in town. Lori is a great client with wonderful energy and I love working with her! Time to find another property!